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Welcome to Earth Conservancy, a not-for-profit organization, founded in 1992 to address the problem of abandoned coal mine lands, specifically the Blue Coal Corporation lands totaling more than 16,300 acres in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania.

In this website we provide information about our organization and our projects, which focus on environmental and economic improvements through the reclamation of mine scarred lands and watersheds. Follow the menu selections above or to the right to learn more about our mission and goals.

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Since 1992 Earth Conservancy has been dedicated to reclamation, conservation and economic development of mine scarred lands in the Wyoming Valley of Luzerne County, PA.

Earth Conservancy reclaims dormant mine lands that pose environmental and economic issues for the region.

The Luzerne County environment and economy have been severely impacted by history mining practices.

This is a 13-acre parcel that was reclaimed and will be used for residential development.

This blackened and useless land was reclaimed and turned into a recreational area.

The recreation area meets a need in the community for youth athletic fields.

Each of these green parcels were once marked by pits and mountains of coal waste.

Many of the reclaimed lands are located close to commercial, industrial and residential areas.

Reclaimed lands are re-purposed in ways that best suit each community.

We also focus efforts on cleaning up watersheds.

Passive wetlands, shown here and in the previous slide, allow for the removal of iron and other sediment from the watershed.

This 187-acre area includes 50 acres for residential use and two hiking trails.

Using land for residential, commercial and industrial uses helps the local tax base.

We also operate a yard waste compost facility that produces material used in our work and is available to county residents.

We have received numerous awards for our efforts to reclaim lands and watersheds in the region.

Our mission is to provide 10,000 acres for recreational uses. Here, a trail race takes runners through pristine woodland.

We also provide community garden plots to residents on a seasonal basis.

Snow on our trails can provide for wintertime activities.

Other trails show remnants of former railway lines.

Our goal is to improve the environment and economy while keeping significant green space.

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