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Board of Directors

The Earth Conservancy Board of Directors is a volunteer board. Each member of the Board of Directors donates his or her time, attending quarterly meetings as well as sitting on a variety of committees within the board that server to guide the overall mission of the organization. Presently, the Earth Conservancy Board of Directors is as follows:


John D. McCarthy, Chairman

Rev. John J. Ryan, C.S.C., Ph.D., Vice-Chairman

Thomas E. Lawson, P.E., P.L.S., Treasurer

Daryl Pawlush, Secretary

Michael A. Dziak, President/CEO


John Cavanaugh
President, Central Clay Products, Inc.

Kelly M. Ciavolo, Esq.
Anzalone Law Offices

Joseph A. Frank, Jr.
President, Centrailia Coal Sales Co.

Joseph C. Hillan
Supervisor, Newport Township Department of Public Works

Michael J. Johnson
Retired Executive Vice-President, Lewith and Freeman Real Estate, Inc.

Thomas E. Lawson, P.E., P.L.S., Treasurer
Exec. VP of Client Development & Quality,
Borton-Lawson Architecture and Engineering

Thomas P. Leary
President, Luzerne County Community College

John D. McCarthy, Chairman
President, McCarthy Tire Service Company

Kathy L. Pape
President, Pennsylvania American Water

Daryl Pawlush, Secretary
Projects Principal, Penn Eastern Engineering

Rev. John J. Ryan, C.S.C., Ph.D., Vice-Chairman
President, King’s College

Marleen A. Troy, Ph.D., P.E.
Associate Professor, Dept. of Environmental Engineering and Earth Sciences;
Director, Sustainability Management Program, Wilkes University

Earth Conservancy Board of Directors’ meetings are generally held on a quarterly basis and are open to the public.

Our offices are located at 101 S. Main St., Ashley, PA 18706. The public session begins at 8:30 AM. For further information, please call 570-823-3445.

Earth Conservancy would like to acknowledge the support and guidance provided by the following former board members:

Margaret Bakker Stephen Barrouk Thomas A. Blaskiewicz
Christopher Breiseth, Ph.D. Mark R. Dingman Joseph A. Frank, Sr.
Joseph Gilmour, Ph.D. Anne L. Glauber Joseph A. Hillan (1934-2009)
A. Petter Kanjorski (1935-2012) Diane Kopcha Katlic, Esq. Rev. James Lackenmier
Gary F. Lamont James Manley Robert K. Matley
Bernard McGurl Robert K. Mericle Lawrence Newman
Rev. Thomas O’Hara, Ph.D. Harold Rose (1935-2004) Edward Schechter (1920-2011)
Susan W. Shoval Rhea P. Simms Harold Snowdon, Jr.
Joseph Yudichak

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